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When did you join the CGS ?, I joined the CGS in 1994 Who introduced you or how did you discover the CGS ?, Stan Taylor Introduced me to the CGS, I had met Stan in the bar of Kingswood Golf Club, where I was playing in the Jimmy Tarbuck Charity golf day, I had just come in after playing with Geoff Hurst, but in the bar Geoff ran into Robert Powell and Dennis Waterman, and with me standing there listening to them talking about their busy schedules, I looked at the man leaning on the bar, fag in one hand, glass of scotch in the other, he obviously saw me and asked if I had a good round, now this was more my scene, so we got talking, and several drinks later, Still not knowing who he was, he asked if I would like to play in his golf day, so I politely said yes, he handed me his card and said give me a ring next week and I will give you all the details, the rest is history, Stan was to become my best friend, and the nicest man I ever met. What different roles have you worked on in show business ?, I have never worked in show business. What different roles have you worked outside show business ?, I have had many various roles, from a deck hand working on trawl-ers at the age of 14, ordinary seaman in the Merchant Navy, A store person in a London Factory, going on to be Stores Manager, Works Manager, Works Director and Managing Director, then starting my own business in recruitment, which was a huge success, and I had an offer I could not refuse from the biggest recruitment co in the UK, to sell my business, which I did and decided to Retire at the age of 54. What was your biggest claims to fame ?, Becoming Captain of the CGS, and winning the Business man of the year award in St Albans in 1993. What was your best golfing moment, Without any doubt, been voted Captain of the CGS in 2009, this was not onlya great honour but a great privilege, which will live with me for the rest of my life. What in your opinion was the funniest moment at a CGS day or event ?, That has to be the trip to France in 2000 ?, about 20 of us had gone on a day trip via the Euro Tunnel, a days golf and dinner at a well known restaurant before returning, the day went well, the trip over was great, the golf course was great, everyone gathered in the bar afterwards enjoying a drink and having a laugh, be-fore we were told that the coach was ready, and we were on our way to the restaurant, arriving at the restaurant some 30 minutes later, we were shown to our tables, and the waiters took the drink orders first, suddenly a telephone started to ring, it was one of those bell type phones, and could be heard ringing loudly throughout the restaurant, this went on for at least 10 minutes and was now getting on everyone's nerves, the waiters were ignoring it as the restaurant was full and they were busy, eventually and to everyone's relief someone answered it, a waiter came to our tables and asked for Johnny Clark, it was Chris Hare on the other end of the phone, Chris and Nigel Ellery had been left behind at the golf club, and NOT One Of Us had missed them, and by the time they got to us, we had finished eating and were soon on the coach and back to the train for the journey home, we all thought it was hilarious, well, all except Chris and Nigel that is. What was your funniest moment in your life ?, there are a few, but they are unprintable. Who are your favourite comedians ? There are quite a few, during the 60s, 70, and 80s comedy was king, and there were so many great comics in those days, people like Benny Hill, Arthur Haynes, Sir Norman Wisdom, Dick Emery, Les Dawson, Tommy Cooper, Mike Yarwood, just to name a few, sadly they have gone to be replaced by alternative comedians, who I don't find at all funny, but within the CGS we still have some great comics who always make me laugh, I wont name them, but they know who they are. Where were You Born, I was born in Dublin. What Towns and Cities Have You Lived In ? I left Dublin around 1959 to join the Merchant Navy, then I moved to London in 1965, Later on I lived in Wood Green, Bushey, and Letchworth, I now live in West Chiltington in West Sussex. Have you lived or worked abroad ? Well I suppose I did while in the Merchant Navy, in those days the crews were working while ships were in port, so I can claim to have worked in Montreal, Toronto, Lisbon, Halifax Nova Scotia, Detroit, Seattle, New Orleans just to name a few. What Interests have you got besides Golf ? Photography has become my main interest, I have over 100,000 photos on my PC from all over the world, I love taking photos of wildlife and landscapes, and I am now into videos as well, with the new HD video cameras its amazing the quality you get. What do you like about the CGS ? Everything, first of all I am proud to be a member of the society, and have made some great friends who I love seeing on the golf days or socially, there is nothing better than sitting down to a meal after a golf day and listening to the gags flying around, the piss taking that goes on, no other society offers such humour, and all in good taste. What do you dislike about the CGS ? There is nothing I dislike, apart from my handicap, but I am sure that all the members would say the same, I will just have to keep buying Alan Hancock more Guinness, it worked last year, when he gave me 2 shots back, but then took 3 away ?? THE END.

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